Digital Marketing in Bangladesh, Google Trends

Future of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh

Evolution of digital marketing era in Bangladesh:

The discussion of the future of digital marketing in Bangladesh will be incomplete without knowing the history and background of digital connectivity.

The evolution of digital marketing in Bangladesh is quite interesting.

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Let us start with the history of internet connectivity in Bangladesh.

First internet connectivity was available in Bangladesh in the year of 1996 (June), VSAT based data circuit in the country was commissioned and Bangladesh entered into the gateway of global digital connectivity (Wikipedia).

Gradually the concept of Email marketing, SEO (termed as Backlinking), SEM, Facebook ads. Youtube ads. etc developed day by day.

As per google trends, the term “digital marketing” started to gain search queries from Feb/2010 and increasing gradually.

Digital Marketing in Bangladesh, Google Trends

Now, there are hundreds of digital marketing agencies and thousands of individual digital marketing experts are now working in Bangladesh. Besides, a substantial number of freelancers are working both in the local and international markets.
The statistics of the digitalization in Bangladesh are visualized through a study by ‘Hootsuite’.

Digital Statistics in Bangladesh

Commonly used Digital marketing Channels In Bangladesh:
A 360-degree digital marketing coverage comprises of the following channels;

1. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn);
2. Content Marketing;
3. On-Page SEO;
4. Off-Page SEO;
5. SEM (PPC*);
6. Video Marketing;
7. Email Marketing;
8. Mobile Marketing;
9. Display Advertising;

360 Degree Digital Marketing

Out of the many Channels, SEO is one of the most important channel for generating website traffic.

In Bangladesh usage of the digital marketing channel is increasing in a systematic way. Initially, only Backlinking (off-page SEO) and Facebook marketing were popular from 2010 to 2012. Nowadays, almost all of the available digital marketing channels are being used by the companies that want to dominate in the digital marketing platforms.

Preferences of the Audience over different Channels:

The preference of the audience has never been more complex than the current time. The digital channels have a variety of features attracting different types of audiences. Some love to tweet, where some love to send private text, somebody watching videos while others looking at photographs. The audiences are scattered through the different types of channels in this digital advancement era.

Success factors of Digital Marketing over different channels:

The digital marketing channel has been saturated up to an extreme extent that any digital marketer could feel confused about which digital marketing channels they should use. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to deploying digital marketing channel, several critical success factors consistently advised by industry experts;

Selection of Right Channels:
Selection of right channels is considered the most important factor. The customers want information and interact over different channels. Successful buyers journey alignment helps to determine the marketing efforts on customers depending on the stage of the adoption of concept and buying process. Therefore, the best channels should be addressed to align with both factors. Determining the customer channel preferences and impact on the marketing efforts will not only help companies achieve their objectives, but also will avoid wasting of resources on ineffective digital marketing channels.

Determine the Right Frequency:
Selection of the right channel alone can not be effective, but communication over the right channel needs to be performed at the right frequency to yield desired results and achieve them efficiently. Different channels also require a minimum amount of contacts in determining the success and likewise having a maximum frequency before they have a negative impact on customers perceptions or decrease Return on Investment.

Communicate the Right Content:
Development of many channels and entities fighting for shrinking the audience attention spans, this is no surprise that customers are facing information overload. Reduction of noise could be one of the effective solutions by delivering content that will attract and hold a customer’s attention and assessment of their particular needs to get across the right message could be a crucial factor of success.

Considering Non Digital marketing Channels:
The proverb says, digital channels do not exist in a vacuum. New channels of digital communication yet to fully replace the traditional face-to-face interactions such as those with meetings with congresses, sales reps etc. Some customers may still prefer analog channels such as direct mail and other print media. Digital channels should be combined with offline channels, therefore the overall marketing strategy works in a well-orchestrated way and creates a seamless communication with one entity throughout the adoption process.

Challenges of Digital Marketing Campaigns in Bangladesh

The challenges of digital marketing should be perceived from both business and customer’s point of view:

From the customer side, success of digital marketing depends on audience interactions. That’s why understanding the importance and future of digital marketing comes into play.

This is necessary to understand and manage audience interactions first. It involves Digital devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming devices. by using those device audiences connect with websites and apps and experience a different kind of band and product and services.

Digital marketing today is not about interactions with the website or emails. It depends on many other factors and most commonly use platforms or services through websites or apps now-a-days are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and so one. That’s why audience interactions with digital platforms are important.

If my targeted audience doesn’t have the privilege to use a digital device or enough knowledge to an understanding of the digital platform and channel then digital marketing is not going to work for them

From the Business’ perspective the major challenge to expand Digital marketing in Bangladesh is infrastructure. As Bangladesh is a developing country. We are still lagged behind in digital aspects.

We don’t have enough skilled digital marketers. Digital marketing sector in Bangladesh is still very young, and businesses are much more likely to have failed in this sector rather than succeeded. People in Bangladesh still don’t know about all the scopes of digital marketing that’s why they don’t utilize their knowledge properly in this sector. Businesses are afraid to convert their marketing strategy from traditional to digital for the lack of proper knowledge.

Here marketers don’t know some common question’s answer.

1. What kind of content should we produce?

2. How often we will sell our product digitally.

3. Do I have the right person to lead and execute my strategy? And so on.

Overcoming Challenges and creating highly effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

Here are some tips to help you overcome the barriers of digital marketing:

1) First of all, we have to reduce the price of digital device products.

2) Make the internet available and easily available and reduce the price.

3) To increase awareness about digital marketing.

4) Increase knowledge about various channels of digital marketing such as: social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, etc. and practice regularly.

5) Digital marketing training institutes are not enough, increase the number of training centers and move them from upazila to union level.

6) Reduce the cost of training center fees or keep within reach.

The digital marketing professionals are not getting their right value from the local customers and as a result many people are losing interest. I think local customers should come forward in this regard.

Bangladesh is a developing country with a large number of educated unemployed. So I think if young people, students, educated unemployed can be trained properly with the knowledge of digital marketing then very good results can be obtained. This will reduce the number of unemployment and improve the country and the decade.

Data-driven digital marketing career in Bangladesh:

Now let’s talk about the digital marketing career in Bangladesh. Though the career of a true digital marketer is never centered on a specific place or country. As I mentioned earlier a digital marketer can work for anyone from anywhere.

Marketing agencies: are basically organizations that do all the work of marketing communication for different organizations. It can be said that now almost all marketing agencies in Bangladesh have a digital marketing department. The saddest thing is that even the agencies are not finding the right digital marketers.

Corporate job: One of the good things is that, as a result of Bangladesh’s growing progress in digital marketing. The leaders of the country’s companies want their companies to have a digital presence. This is a huge opportunity for digital marketers.

Freelancing: Yes, it can be done. Since about 6 lakh people of this country are involved in this profession. Because of today, I am talking about only what can we do in Bangladesh that’s why I am not going to talk about so much .that’s the topic for another day
Entrepreneur: As a digital marketer, I strongly believe that when you are able to take care of other people’s business, you can also organize your own business. Maybe it’s a small business.

Fun aspects of the digital marketing profession:

It’s a data-driven marketing system that allows you to have a lot of fun experimenting with data. So those who love to work with data should concentrate on this profession.

Those who like to do research on human psychology have ample opportunity to do well in this profession.
It is also an excellent career for those who like different facts and figures.

This is a job where you can work remotely you can work for an American client from sitting in your bedroom.

Future of Digital marketing In Bangladesh

I don’t want to say that digital marketing will rule in this country in the future, where the country’s literacy rate is still as high as around 75 percent. But I would say that combining digital marketing with traditional marketing has the potential of the highest Results.

However, it is true that digital marketing really dominates developed countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, or those we know as First World countries. Yes, one day the digital marketing channel will be more popular in this country also and majority people of this country (my idea is that will be increased with the rate or literacy) Will use any smart device.

Let’s take a look at this infographic about the opportunities of digital marketing in this country.

Statistics of Digital Marketing Bangladesh

Take some time with the above infographic and write down what you have come to the conclusion from here.

And yes, we can assume that the real digital marketing practice that happened in our country, is the day when we realize that digital marketing is not just limited to Facebook boosting. And this understanding should not only be at the practitioner level but also on the client-side

Here are some more sectors which have not yet become popular or not yet explored.

Affiliate marketing and consulting are a potential career for the digital marketers in Bangladesh, though those r not much popular in our country right now, but I hope I will be very soon.

Doctors in our country have not yet been able to adopt digital platforms.But if you look at the physicians of the developed world, you will see how far they are in terms of digital presence. Most doctors’ digital presence is very strong. Though I never thought it was the incompetence of our Doctors, rather it seemed that due to the lack of proper digital marketers in our country. a wonderful sector like the physicians is still out of our grasp. I firmly believe that this issue will be popular in our country one day the Lawyers, Dietitians, Psychiatrists could be a popular digital marketing sector.

To summarize, the Digital Marketing concept and channels are changing rapidly. Bangladesh is adopting the changes with new challenge. The audience preferences are also changing along the way to improved features of the marketing channels. Some challenges still persist on the way to become successful in digital marketing. But, there are several measures to be taken in overcoming the challenges.

Data-driven digital marketing is a contemporary concept which is developing and gaining interest within the marketer community. Considering every factor, future of digital marketing in Bangladesh is really bright. But, data-driven digital marketing would take some time to get the popularity amongst the companies.

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